Andrea-Marvan-Mondegreen.jpgAndrea Marvan is a writer, copyeditor and translator with extensive experience in communications. After many years working in the publishing industry she decided to start her own writing and translation business, Mondegreen. She lives in Vancouver with her husband and two very busy kids.


Andrea has been writing short stories and attending writing workshops since she was in high school. After high school, she studied Italian and Photography in Florence, Italy.

During her years at university, Andrea worked as an editor at the university’s newspaper. In 1997 she completed her B.A. in Communications with a focus on media (ITESM, Mexico). After graduation she moved to Los Angeles to learn more about Film Production.

From 1998 to 2002 Andrea worked in the film industry as a Production Coordinator. While a bit of a departure from her writing and editing trajectory, it trained her to be a hard worker, extremely organized and able to work well under pressure. Also, it made her realize that what she loved most about the movies was a good script, so she planned her next career move: to study screenwriting.

Andrea earned her master’s degree in Screenwriting (University of Barcelona, Spain) while working as a freelance writer and copyeditor.

Andrea and her husband immigrated to Canada and she began working as an Editorial Assistant at Ronsdale Press and as a Spanish instructor, while she continued to publish both fiction and non-fiction in Mexico and in Canada.

Andrea started working at Hartley & Marks Publishers. From 2006 to 2014 she worked as a translator, proofreader, Spanish copyeditor, researcher, catalogue coordinator, intellectual property specialist and art licensing specialist.

Her short story “Voices” won a special mention at an international contest and was published in the contest’s anthology.

Andrea dove into blogging and created the blogs El Calendario de la Cocina (Spanish) and Chronicles of a Lemonade Stand (English), where she writes about her adventures and misadventures in motherhood.

Andrea founded Mondegreen and she has never been happier.

The cherry on top was UPPERCASE magazine commissioning a feature story for their issue #26! See the story here.